Project Description

Airdrop Information

  • Name of Token 


  • Snapshot Date

    May 10th 2018

  • Airdrop Date

    May 20th 2018

  • Total Supply 


  • Airdrop Supply


  • Receivable 

    The ERC20 token will be done as a lottery, respecting the eosDAC distribution. The second airdrop will respect 100:1 ratio of the existing EOS tokens and registered accounts.

  • Action Required


This simple program takes the csv snapshot file ./Data/snapshot.csv, randomly selects the values of EOS tokens held at a registered account. Furthermore, it awards a random winner by using the Random Forest forecast.

The advantage of this approach is that EOS distribution is respected, while at the same time, it is being fair to those who weren’t as lucky to invest when EOS was at the lowest rate.

The main file is Calculator.java and it has to be run with Maven.

./Data/snapshot.csv are addresses obtained from eosDAC airdrop (0x468B858c964f297Fd8Fce058032BF4B4911A8ad8), while ./Data/out.txt is the result.

According to a result:

Minimum: 152.6847

Maximum: 1160362

Average: 6724.134

STDEV: 45405.04188

Total: 6724134.098

The total number of CETI tokens will exceed the required total. Some of it will be used for testing purposes, etceteras. The token won’t have any purpose or a meaning after a date that has to be determined. For now, it will be exchangeable for CETOS coins that are going to be built on EOS after the main launch (1:1) ratio. CETOS will be airdropped at 100:1 ratio (100 EOS is 1 CETOS) while eosDAC model will be respected.

Only the min and max (as well as the adresses who have registered) will be awarded, while others selected in an out.txt, if and only if the ETH gas allows the reward transfer. Given the small amount of registered addresses, each will recieve 10K promotional tokens.

As noted on a Github (https://github.com/cetos-io/lotteryAirdrop)

Erc20 token transfer takes a lot of time and is an expensive procedure.  If the network continues to give us the issues, we might simply continue doing this airdrop with EOS main network instead.  Please be patient, we are all working hard on this.