Project Description

Airdrop Information

  • Name of Token

    EOS.Pizza Slice

  • Snapshot Date

    18th May

  • Airdrop Date

    25th May

  • Total Supply


  • Airdrop Supply


  • Receivable 

    The number of tokens you will receive will vary depending on the final number of participants. Ethereum addresses which contain EOS tokens will have a multiplier of 2 applied in the Proof of Slice calculation in regards to the airdrop distribution.

  • Action Required

    Airdrop Bot interaction

#Airdrop, Bounty & Referrals

Next to getting some of the EOS.Pizza Slices through donation you can earn some extra by sharing the word and joining our airdrop!

Joining the airdrop is simple… You need:

  1. Ethereum address: to receive the tokens on.
  2. Telegram account: to join the airdrop program.
  3. Twitter account: to follow us and retweet.
  4. Email address: to receive the ‘claim token’ instructions at the end of the donation raiser.
2018-03-27 / Source: https://eos.pizza/