Project Description

Airdrop Information

  • Name of Token


  • Snapshot Date

    June 1st 2018

  • Airdrop Date

    Date of EOS Blockchain Launch

  • Total Supply

  • Airdrop Supply

  • Receivable

    Up to 100

  • Action Required


Primary Airdrop

Every EOS holder inside of the final EOS genesis file will receive 40 RIDL Tokens. You do not have to reserve your name to receive the airdrop, your tokens will be provided for you when you create an Identity from Scatter regardless of reservation. You will still need to register an Identity with RIDL in the future in order to claim the tokens. The tokens will not be given on the Ethereum chain, they will only be dispensed when the Identity is created on the live EOS mainnet.

Secondary Airdrop

The first 5000 Reserved User Identity Names will also be airdropped an additional 50 RIDL Tokens, raising their total to 100 ( 10 from registration, 40 from global airdrop and 50 from reservation airdrop ). The remaining reservations will only get 10, to a total of 60.

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