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Project Description

Airdrop Information

  • Name of Token


  • Snapshot Date


  • Airdrop Date


  • Total Supply


  • Airdrop Supply

    60 %

  • Receivable

    Yes. Fill out the airdrop form at the website.

  • Action Required

    No. But you can get 25k ESB on top for registering.

Our goal is to create a decentralized community for sports-wagers. On our platform, users will be able to find fair odds and set betting odds for others to consider.

To help spread the word about this project we are crediting signups with bonus airdrops. Thanks for helping us build the community! This in addition to the 1 for 1 airdrop to the community at large we will airdrop at mainnet launch.

2018-07-01 / Source: https://goo.gl/forms/QyulerpL5GSFLaBk2