Project Description

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  • Snapshot Date

    Q3 2018

  • Airdrop Date

    Q4 2018

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    No will be a decentralized autonomous community that provides the platform to make donations to recipients all around the world.

With blockchain technology, individuals can now make a donation globally in an instant. Donation foundation have been known to take some percentage cuts off a donation that an Individual has made. This will then be used to pay for remittences, organisational operations among other things. Through, users will be ensured that their funds will be received 100% to the intended recipient. The intended recipient may be an individual or a trusted organisation. Through inflation, the blockchain will be rewarding people whom the community voted to help them perform the validity of a donation campaign. Users can also promote a donation campaign that they liked through staking their coins and contribute a small fee that will be divided between that campaign and token burn.

Blockchain technology has been having negative reputation in its infancy. We hope that through, we will be able to build a better community that helps those in need.

We are still growing our team. Please email [email protected] if you want to join our core team and develop this project. We need everyone from programmers, web designers, marketing, PR, legal among other things. Please note that you will be joining the founders’ team, and the community will eventually be run as a DAC.

2018-06-20 / Source: Github/Whitepaper