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    Download and use the Murmur app Oct 25 onward, Refer 3 friends, and claim 100 MUR tokens + referral tokens.

Centralised microblogging platforms today are at the center of the social media ecosystem and form a large part of the global information and cultural exchange taking place across the internet. With the power that these platforms have, there is great potential for misuse of personal user data.

With the growth of decentralized platforms, we believe that a different business model can be implemented for rewarding users for their actions, enabling third-party protocols to benefit from building apps, and having users own their data and use it as they would like it to be used by the platform or any third-party.

Murmur is, hence, a decentralized microblogging platform, operating on the EOS blockchain. On Murmur, users control their data and convene on democratic governance.

  1. Data created and shared on a Blockchain can be traced for its origins.
  2. Since there is no central authority, censorship can be significantly minimized.
  3. A collective open source approach to innovation allows anyone to build on top of existing protocols and standards.