Project Description

Airdrop Information

  • Name of Token


  • Snapshot Date


  • Airdrop Date


  • Total Supply


  • Airdrop Supply

    80% (EOS – 20 124 904 , MyWish – 19 803 895)

  • Receivable

    2 EOSISH for every 100 EOS

  • Action Required


Token for EOS Contract Builder

EOSISH is used as payment for contract creation. Every time when somebody uses the Platform he needs to buy token on an exchange and then transfer it to MyWish. Costs of the contracts on the Platform: 1000 – 2500 EOSISH.

Fuel for Contacts Execution

EOSISH is also used for Platform functionality. Every developer who allocates the contract on MyWish gets his revenue in EOSISH. Some contracts (like WILL) require external calls from network users and they also get call bonus in EOSISH.

Thus, to get your hot and irreplaceable EOSISH tokens for interaction with the EOS blockchain, you need to be a holder either of WISH tokens or EOS tokens. A quick calculation brings us to the point: that holding WISH Tokens is a lot more profitable. They can also be used to create any other Smart Contract on the original Platform. Talking numbers:

For those who hold WISH tokens: 19 803 895 EOSISH tokens will go to the WISH tokens holders (1 EOSISH for 1 WISH)

For those who hold EOS tokens: 20 124 902.4 EOSISH tokens will go to the EOS tokens holders (2 EOSISH for every 100 EOS)

For the Team of great developers: 5 000 000 EOSISH will be assessed to Team account

For Bounty reasons: 5 071 203 EOSISH

Total count for EOSISH Airdrop:

40% to WISH holders;

40% to EOS holders;

10% to the team;

10% to telegram channel/bounty participants.

Planned Airdrop date: 16-Oct-2018, 15–00 GMT

Instructions for getting EOSISH tokens will be distributed later.

This EOSISH Token is part of a global projection in which EOS blockchain will soon bring game-changing standards to cryptocurrency standards. MyWish are proudly announcing about the EOSISH project which has officially started today. Please, send us your feedback and comments. And welcome to the infrastructure of the EOS Smart Contracts, based on the most promising blockchain in the world.