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Decentratized CAD.files & Project Management Platform

We will create a real time computer aided design “CAD” and product lifecycle management “PLM” platform based on EOS block chain, offering to the community the best real time design tools, data share, video calls, chats and screen-shares for the best communication and work progress in project management relationships. Into an intuitive, friendly and fast environment the user could feel is not alone at work with our interactive galleries and video manuals for improve her technical knowledge job by job. Our objective, remove the expensive and really hard problems with the licenses decentralizating our software.

In contribution with the community we want create an unemployed profiles bank and the companies could announce her CAD, 3d printer parts, app developing… jobs than user could opt to take. The use of this platform will be free of cost for accredited jobless, creating so a huge benefice to EOS ecosystem. The companies will must pay for use this platform depend of hours per day used and they will pay only exactly for they are needed. Our bill will be linked with a smart contract to assigned wallet. The data protection and security are totally warranted.

We will tokenize every works and apportations to the platform, you could earn or expend tokens in different 3D products and software updations.

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